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What stories from personal experience or elsewhere illustrate the success or failures of CIOs? For each story: Can you provide a link to more info? What if anything does you story suggest about the skills needed by CIOs?

If you have stories about CIO success or failure, please offer them below:

1. SSA on the Web/Online PEBES. This is a story from 1997 of the leading-edge work of technical and other staff of the SSA to put interactive services on the web. Kathy Adams, John Erwin, John Sabo, and Rennie DiPentima created one of the first interactive services by giving citizens access to their Personal Earnings and Benefits Estimate Statement. Unfortunately, it blew up politically when a USA Today Front Page article criticized the privacy risks. While the story illustrates numerous skills within the team, it emphasizes that technology innovations often come with great risks, and the greatest may be political (rather than technological or economic). A Harvard case can be accessed here: http://www.lnwprogram.org/publicfiles/download/Social_Security_on_the_Web-Tumin%2epdf?file%5fid=314679

2. HHS CIO warns of rising federal IT hurdles. In this brief story from Government Computer News magazine "Health and Human Services Department CIO Michael Carleton raised concerns this week that the changing business complexion of federal IT suppliers, ever-tighter federal budgets, and new contractor personnel identification hurdles are making it harder to successfully complete federal IT projects." Full story can be found here: HHS CIO.

3.  Some personal thoughts on being a CIO(from a local government perspecitive.  Discusses the many demands on today's CIO and the results of trying to do it all. [1]

4. Many stories being assembled by PTI. (from Frank) Are you aware of this PTI effort to compile a set of stories to be put into a book “ CIO Leadership for Cities and Counties”.[2] They are searching for contributors.
PTI is part of a consortium that was recently formed to provide CIO education and certification programs. The members are PTI, North Carolina School of Government, Center for Public Technology, and the Florida Institute of Government at FSU.

5. Case by HBS professor for IT, Robert Austin He has developed a new case for the executive education of CIOs. HBS case http://www.cioinsight.com/c/a/Foreward/Novel-Approach-to-CIO-Education/It is a fictional case designed to convey content within context. I have attached a word copy of the article. From just reading this short description of the case, it seems like it conveys some of the same points as the CCL materials

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