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Fiscal Year 2009 - Federal

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The 2009 federal government fiscal year runs from October 1, 2008, to September 30, 2009. The White House office of Management and Budget released a proposed U.S. Federal budget for fiscal year 2009 on February 4, 2008.

The page addresses only the information technology portion of the 2009 federal budget.


Proposed IT

Information technology spending for federal agencies can include hardware, software, IT services, federal personnel costs, consulting expenses, space or equipment rental, telecommunications costs, and more.

The proposed 2009Information Technology spending by agency breaks down as follows. Follow the links to see historic spending and other details for each agency

Defense Department

Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of the Navy
Other DoD Agencies
Department of Defense Totals

Civilian Agencies

Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of the Interior
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of State
U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID)
Department of Transportation
Department of the Treasury
Department of Veterans Affairs
Corps of Engineers
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
General Services Administration (GSA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Archives and Records Administration
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Office of Personnel Management
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration
Civilian Agencies Totals

Total Federal Gov IT Investments - DOD and Civilian

History of the 2009 Federal IT Budget

2009 Budget News

Related Research

Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency, Function, Category, and Program. Direct from the Government Printing Office.

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