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Ictect, Inc. - The Intelligent Content Company


Ictect, Inc. - the intelligent content company, helping organization to answer their markup challenges with Ictect’s innovative technology for content markup and processing (more at http://www.ictect.com).

Products and Services

Ictect's key product is icTools for Publishing, which is a Microsoft Word add-in, giving knowledge workers a solution within a familiar work environment. Organizations that process content in Word-compatible formats can use icTools as a stand-alone tagging solution or as an integrated component within a larger content management solution such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, or other XML content servers. Ictect’s solutions have been applied in multiple industries and proven effective with a variety of documents, including policies and directives in government organizations, reference documents produced by publishing organizations, and policies by educational institutions. Ictect offers services to support and augment its technology with the goal of providing its customers with complete solutions to their content management challenges.

  • Content Architecture Development
    Develop robust and flexible information and technology architectures with the help of Ictect’s experienced content architects.
  • Solution Development
    Ictect’s development team can implement custom content management features to meet the unique requirements of your organization. This includes extensions of icTools for Publishing, integration with content management systems, or other XML processing solutions independent from icTools.
  • Production Support
    Increase your throughput and quality of documents and meet production targets with the help of Ictect’s team of analysts. This includes overflow situations where Ictect can help reduce backlogs, process irregular documents, or handle publications that your organization chooses not to process in-house.


Ictect serves customers in government, higher education, and publishing. This includes the U.S. Air Force, the City University of New York, and Nelnet Peterson's.

Air Force Departmental Publishing Office

Ictect provided a solution for a highly automated document markup process and integration with the content management system based on its icTools for Publishing product.

With Ictect’s solution, the AFDPO was able to substantially lower the cost for processing a document and has the foundation to realize the full potential of advanced content management features.

For the complete case study, please visit http://www.ictoolsforpublishing.com

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