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Mashups are applications or similar online solutions which take data and services from multiple resources and use them to produce new solutions and resources. Usually this is done by tapping into publicly available application programming interfaces (APIs) or online data sources.

Mashups can have many different focuses.

Here are some popular government-related mashups available on the Web. (Visitors can add others as appropriate.)

  • Unfluence. Winner of the Sunlight Foundation's Mashup Congress Contest. Contains deep details about of campaign finance and money flow.
  • Visualizing Earmarks. View earmarked budget data by state, by agency, bye description and more.
  • OpenMass.org. Imports multiple data sources to build a behind-the-scenes view of what's going on in Massachusetts politics.
  • Federal Contracts by State. A very powerful tool for viewing how federal money flows around the country, and where it ends up, contract-wise.
  • The Business Planet Ease of Doing Business Map is produced by the World Bank. It looks at 175 different countries and rates how difficult they can be for companies (or other countries) to do business with.
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