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GWAC stands for Government-wide Acquisition Contract. GWACS have gained popularity in recent years because the government believes it can realize economies of scale by centralizing the purchasing of certain types of products or services. A GWAC consolidates purchasing across a number of federal government agencies.[1]

GWACs allow multiple agencies and departments to buy from a contract, instead of just one agency. In many cases, multiple vendors are listed on a contract, giving procurement managers a choice on who they select for a particular solution.

Procurement reform has ushered numerous new and/or modified acquisition vehicles -- multiple award contracts -- such as multi-agency contracts and government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs). These vehicles encourage long-term vendor agreements with fewer vendors.

Some of the most popular current MAC's and GWACS are listed below

  • GSA STARS - The 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS). Also known as 8(a) STARS
  • Alliant - Integrated IT/systems solutions
  • ANSWER - Applications 'n Support for Widely-Diverse End User Requirements (focus on services)
  • HUBZone - An empowerment contracting program for disadvantage business areas
  • ITOP II - Information Technology Omnibus Procurement II (Ended)
  • GSA Millennia - Broard range of IT services, hardware, software and firmware
  • VETS - Veterans Technology Services
  • Networx Universal - Major telecommunications contractwith multiple vendors
  • GSA Schedule 70 - The main information technology schedule managed by GSA
  • GSA SmartBuy - Enterprise-level software licensing and management.
  • GSA IT Omnibus Procurement II - Integrated solutions with services, hardware and software.
  • NASA SEWP - Solutions for enterprise-wide procurement. Hardware, Software and Related Services.
  • Army Small Computer Program - A central for Army IT products and services - DoD Specific
  • DISA I-Assure - Information assurance solutions for DOD and civilian agencies - DoD Specific
  • DHS EAGLE - Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (Homeland Security focus)- DoD Specific
  • NIH Electronic Commodity Store III
  • DISA Contracts - A wide range of contracts managed for DOD - DoD Specific


[1]From the Small Business Notes section - GWAC definition at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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